Where passion
meets engineering

New Wave, that’s me, Florian Schuran, an impassioned aquarium builder and fascinated scuba diver. My love of the underwater world is reflected 100% in the conceptions and construction of our aquariums. Our first priority always remains the welfare of the animals.

As a qualified process engineer in plastic technology, I pay strict attention to the smallest details. My years of experience in the processing of thermoplastic material, above all in the construction of custom-made aquariums, is invaluable in combining engineering perfection with aesthetic quality in all our work.
This is the absolute guarantee for an environment that is not only beautiful to look at but that also offers the animals that populate it a true-to-nature habitat.

Worldwide network

Commission New Wave and you will have not only one point of contact but the complete A-team on call, to meet your every need. In our case, the ‘A’ stands for aquarium masters!

As members of the European Union of Aquarium Curators (EUAC), we are part of a network that brings together the world’s leading institutes, biologists and zoologists. We also enjoy excellent relations with numerous topflight interior designers, with whom we work hand in hand. As a consequence, we are able to fulfil even your most extreme demands from the construction of the aquarium itself, via the scaping work, through to the ideal animal population.