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New Wave bietet maßgeschneiderte Konzeptionen im Bereich der Aquaristik und aquatischer Anwendungen.
Durch unsere jahrelange Erfahrung greifen wir auf ein internationales Team von Experten zurück.
So bieten wir für Ihre individuellen Anforderungen und Bedürfnisse innovative und flexible Komplettlösungen.


In close cooperation with our clients we develop and design aquatic projects from the first idea to a turn-key solution.

Our team of experts will accept all challenges to design and deliver a fully integrated and working solution.


We have first-hand experience in implementing large aquatic projects and manufacturing high quality products.

Our experience in building aquatic applications is vast, having commissioned projects around the world. We are able to offer a full solution and will provide assistance at any time.


NewWave is more than just a manufacturer; we rely on an international pool of experts that will bring ideas to reality.

From atmosphere boosting aquatic applications to large panels or complex life support systems – we will be on side and manage a full system commissioning service.


We are always looking forward to offer innovative solutions to achieve sustainable and durable systems even in difficult condition, therefore NewWave is always pleased to restore or rebuild older aquariums.

As part of the commitment with our customers, our service also contains maintenance packages, built to the need of every system.

Florian Schuran

+49 (0)2453 429 498 6