We create breathtaking atmospheres

Looking into an aquarium destresses, amazes and appeals to our deep-rooted, inner need for calm and balance. At the same time, with each new look, something new and exciting happens. This combination is what makes the world of aquariums and their indescribable atmosphere so remarkable.

As impassioned aquarium builders, we can introduce that remarkable atmosphere to your zoo, your hotel lobby or your living room. In all our work, animal welfare occupies top priority.

Our aquariums: works of art filled with life

New Wave stands for fascinating aquarium concepts. Together with a worldwide network of leading aquarium experts, our goal is to deliver extraordinary creations that raise the bar for aquarium building even higher.

Whether for the lobby of a 5-star hotel or a one bedroom flat, we develop the best possible design solution for your dream aquarium.

Learn and be amazed at the zoo

When supplying aquariums and habitats for zoos, in addition to design, we also focus on the greatest possible accuracy in recreating a natural underwater environment, that even on this scale is just as imposing as the natural world.

We aim to amaze while at the same time fulfilling our educational task: increasing awareness of the huge cosmos that is our oceans. We have achieved our goal when the faces of children young and old are drawn to the aquarium glass, in wonder.

Discover fabulous creatures

Assignments to which other says “we can’t do it” is what we live for. The more out of the box and the more exclusive the better. The underwater world is inhabited by the most fabulous creatures whose bizarre beauty remains a mystery to many of us.

As members of the European Union of Aquarium Curators (EUAC), we are part of a network that brings together the world’s leading institutes, biologists and zoologists. As a result, we can make almost anything possible, from the building of the aquarium through to its population with an exclusive variety of species.