Cylindrical aquarium
shopping mall

Very tall in relation to its diameter, this tank was installed at the Hallarna shopping mall in Halmstad in 2018 by our partners Akvarieleasing and Bioted Marine. The cylinder is made from three formed components, which were bonded vertically with an adhesive seam sealant. With an inner ridge reinforcement and transverse reinforcement bar, a custom-made GRP work platform is positioned above the waterline. Due to shortage of space, the filter technology is also installed above the aquarium. This means that water is actively pumped up from the aquarium into the filtration system and returned again by gravitational force without pressure.

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Dimensions [mm]
ø 1800 x H 2900
40 mm Plexiglas GS
Volume, approx.
7000 l
freshwater / perch
Halmstad, SE